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PACE 2 Silicon Band
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    PACE 2 Silicon Band

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    Silicone Strap
    Silicone straps is a durability material that help fashion meet versatility.
    Besides that silicone is a light weight, non- absorbent, rubber-like material.
    Combine that with plastics, hardwares and etc. It is ask high technology and good cooperation.

    Practical for water activity
    Silicone strap repel water making it practical for water activities and in hot and humid climates.
    Silicone is durable and will not stain.
    Quality silicone will last a long time if properly maintained.

    Fashionable Strap
    Silicone strap it’s fashionable and won’t wear out so easily.
    Silicone rubber watch bands are very good to wear in winter because
    of the material that makes a warm feeling.

    Good High and low-temperature resistance
    Silicone straps not only feel comfortable on the skin.
    This silicone strap it is non toxic and eco-friendly strap.
    In which this material is elastic and is impossible to deform the product made of silicone.