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In the package you will find PACE multisport watch, user guide, charging cable, watch band replacement tool.

PACE will last up to 30-days under daily use or up to 25-hours under GPS mode.

Press and hold the charging cable and align the metal pins with 4 metal dots on the back of PACE. When charging, PACE will show the battery percentage. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge PACE.

Yes, PACE is rated at 5ATM (up to 50 meters) water resistant. However, PACE is not a diving watch nor can it be used for diving purposes. Please refrain from pressing any keys while in water.


PACE is compatible with all iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices. Standard pairing will vary per your mobile device. PACE also supports ANT+ devices and accessories.

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone settings. Open the COROS App and go to the “Device” page. Select “Add New Device” and scan the QR code on your PACE screen to finish pairing. Find the QR code in PACE’s “System” – “Pair Phone”.

Yes, you are welcome to give your PACE to your friends and family for them to experience the greatness of PACE. However, always remember to upload your workout data to COROS App before letting others use your PACE. For your data security, we wipe out all of the data from your PACE when it is paired with a different COROS account.


PACE is compatible with all iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices. Standard pairing will vary per your mobile device. PACE also supports ANT+ devices and accessories.

You can customize your PACE within the COROS App such as the Wearing Hand, 12/24 Hour Time, Data Screen, Backlight, Do Not Disturb, Notifications, Vibration & Tones.

Please pair your PACE with your phone and open the COROS App. Under “Device” page at “Firmware Update” section you will be able to download new firmware and update your PACE.


After exercise, please thoroughly clean PACE and the watch band free from sweat using mild soapy water. Avoid use of specific solvents such as ammonia, bleach, paints, abrasives or hydrocarbons which may damage the watch and cause it to fail.

To replace the watch band, use the included replacement tool to unscrew and remove the pins that hold the strap in place. To install a new band, simply align the band in place, insert the pins, and use the replacement tool to tighten the pins.


APEX is equipped with machine learning capability. The more you run outdoor with GPS on, the better the readings will be generated in the indoor run / treadmill mode. If you have limited or no outdoor run history with APEX watch, more than likely you won’t get a satisfactory result for indoor run. During outdoor run, APEX learns your running habits and gathers related information like GPS, cadence, gesture, pace, heart rate, and more to build up and improve an individual running model. Whenever you are running with limited or no GPS signals, motion sensors and the running model will kick in to provide best possible running metrics.

UltraMax mode is a setting for GPS on APEX. When selected, the battery life using GPS can be extended up to 100 hours on APEX 46mm and 80 hours on APEX 42mm. The reason behind this unreal battery life is because of our unique algorithms and mechanism. For every 2-minute period, the GPS data is recorded for 30 seconds. APEX relies on motion sensors, machine learning algorithms and individual running model for the remaining 90 seconds. Not only can APEX provide nearly accurate GPS tracks and running metrics compared with normal GPS modes, the battery life is also much increased to be used in the toughest conditions.

At least in the near future, the COROS app on smart phones and 3rd party platforms like Strava and TrainingPeaks are the only customer facing portals for analyzing and exporting your workout data. We work hard to provide a streamlined, user friendly, convenient yet powerful app that is beneficial to all COROS users. If you wish to view your data on PC or web, we offer the option to export your workout via up to 5 different file types by email. You can also link your COROS account with 3rd party platforms to utilize their more than adequate functions. We try our best to display raw data on these platforms for your complete training analysis.

No, there’s no option to turn off any sensors (other than GPS), Bluetooth or the screen. We have conducted many tests to come up with a solution that meets our battery life requirement and provides a user friendly experience. We use always-on memory LCD screen for APEX to provide great visibility under direct sunlight. When the backlight is not activated, the screen has ultra-low power consumption. When not in any workout mode, many sensors and Bluetooth may enter into a less active status. Please rest assured and enjoy the ultimate experience that APEX brings to you.

We understand that you might feel a little too excited to use your APEX and pressed the digital knob too many times and accidentally selected Chinese as system language. Don’t worry. Please see the steps below to change the system language on your APEX.

  • From the main watch face, press the digital knob once to bring up the menu.
  • Scroll to a gear / wheel icon with the characters 设置 and press the digital knob once.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list with the characters 通用 and press the digital knob once.
  • Scroll down from the top of the list 6 times to an option with the characters 语言 and press the digital knob once to open up the Languages page.

Please press and hold the digital knob, aka the confirm/power key, for over 15 seconds to restart the watch.

Please press and hold the digital knob, aka the confirm/power key, for over 15 seconds to restart the watch. Please also try with different power adapters and outlets.


  • Press and hold the BACK key to bring up the quick menu. Available options on the quick menu include but not limited to Timer, Stopwatch, Compass, Watch Face, Alarm, Do Not Disturb, Settings.
  • Press the BACK key to change the information displayed on the main watch face including remaining battery percentage, step counter, floors climbed, and day of the week.
  • Most workout related settings can be found under individual workout modes. For instance, you can adjust the interval training settings with the following steps: Menu -> Run -> Settings ->Interval Settings.
  • Workout history can be viewed in the AI Trainer page on your watch and All Workouts page on the COROS app. You can delete workout history on the app by swiping left on the specific workout.
  • Once Do Not Disturb mode is on, wrist-based backlight function will be turned off. Smart notifications from your phone will not be displayed on the watch.
  • During workouts, you can use multiple alerts to improve your training. In running modes, you can select Auto Lap, Auto Pause, Pace Alert, Cadence Alert, HR Alert, and Metronome. In cycling modes, there’s also Speed Alert. In swimming modes, Distance Alert is available. In Triathlon mode, Activity Alert can be selected.
  • Link your COROS account with Strava, TrainingPeaks and future 3rd party platforms on the Profile page on the COROS app.
  • Heart rate zones are customizable on the COROS app by clicking on your profile image and scrolling down to the Heart Rate Zone option.
  • Tired of receiving Medals notifications on your watch? Modify the Calories and Exercise Time to an unrealistic level on the Goals section on the COROS app after clicking on your profile image.
  • Register your watch on the Product Registration page with 6 digit alphanumerical product ID.

We work hard to streamline the operation and learning process for APEX users. With new features and improvements being added monthly via firmware updates, it is challenging for us to provide a detailed and up-to-date user manual. For the most updated product specs and firmware release info, please check the SPECS sheet on APEX’s product page and Release Notes page. Every setting and option should be straightforward on the watch and the COROS app. We apologize if you are struggling with using or setting up your APEX. Please feel free to contact us via malaysia@coros.com and +60 17-654 3250 for additional assistance. Our outstanding customer service team are at your service.

We are working actively on improving the APEX watch. Our development team is fully dedicated and the most diligent team out there. However, our development focus is largely restricted to the most critical aspects of APEX due to factors like team size, resources, priorities, schedules, unexpected bugs, and many more. We appreciate all the feedback we have received and agree with many of you on the product features and experience. However, one of our main and ongoing priorities is always the improvements to our algorithms for accurate workout data. As a result, many great changes and additions to APEX can’t be realized in a timely manner. We apologize if your current experience has been affected by the lack of desired features and improvements. We promise you that we are willing to listen to every feedback and will try to make these great suggestions available as soon as possible depending on our schedule. 

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