Now that you have set up your COROS watch, it’s time to get yourself familiar with the COROS app. You will spend a great amount of time here going through various data and customizing settings. There are 4 major sections on the app. Today, All Workouts, Profile and Device.


This is the page to view your detailed activity data and to access your workout and sleep data. Tap on the calendar icon on the top left corner and select a date to view your data.

Active Energy 
Displays estimated calories burned during workout modes and fast walking (over 130 steps/min) for that day. Metabolism isn’t included in the estimation.

Exercise Time
Displays exercise time from workout modes and fast walking (over 130 steps/min) for that day.

Step data is measured by your arm’s movement. No GPS tracking is involved in calculating steps.

Heart Rate
COROS watches measure your heart rate 24/7. On this graph you can view the maximum and minimum heart rate data. A different heart rate history graph is accessible on your watch via the HR widget. Heart rate data is taken every 10 minutes in standby mode and every second in workout modes.

Training Load, Fitness Index and Fitness Level will only appear on Today’s page and aren’t available on the page from a previous date.

Training Load
Applies to all workout modes. It will be ready after 3 moderate outdoor runs. Training load helps avoid excessive training and fatigue as well as help adjust the intensity and duration of your training. It can take several hours before the training load is updated on your COROS app.

Fitness Index
Applies to Run, Trail Run and Hike modes. After 3 moderate runs, you will be able to view VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold and Threshold Pace data. Please input the Resting Heart Rate data to the COROS app for better accuracy. Learn how to set resting HR and max HR on the COROS app.

Fitness Level
Applies to Run, Trail Run and Hike modes. This is a fitness and endurance evaluation metric based on the fitness index.

Sleep Tracking
COROS watches track your sleep during night time hours and provide detailed sleep analysis including your sleep cycle and heart rate data. Sleep data can only be recorded after 7PM on each day. Please wear the COROS watch for at least 2 hours before your sleep. It can take several hours before the sleep data shows up on your COROS app.

Why is my VO2Max inaccurate
What is the source of the COROS Trainer and other fitness data algorithms

All Workouts

On this page you can view and filter out your workout history. Tap on the top left corner to view the monthly summary. Tap on “Filter” on the top right corner to select the workout mode.

Swipe left on an activity to delete that workout.There’s no recovery after deletion, even if the data is still on your watch.


Workout Details

You can view all details from a specific workout by selecting a workout from the “Today” page or on the “All Workouts” page.

GPS Track
Outdoor workouts will display a GPS track. Tap and hold your finger on a number on the track to view the data summary for each lap. Tap on the map to enter viewing mode. You can zoom in/out and move the track and change display layers. An overlay graph with pace and elevation data is located on the bottom. Tap and hold your finger on the graph to display workout time, pace and elevation data on the map.

Data Graphs
Tap on the data graphs to view in widescreen. Then select the metrics you want to overlay from the top. Tap and hold your finger on the graph to display the readings for each selected metric at the specific workout time. A vertical dotted line on the graph indicates a pause during the workout.

Heart Rate Zone
The Heart Rate Zone table displays the total workout time you spent during each heart rate zone, and can be a useful training indicator. You can modify the heart rate zones on the COROS app via the Profile page.

Training Effect
Training Effect measures how effectively this workout improved your fitness level based on heart rate changes and workout time.

Lap Details
Tap on the table to view additional data in widescreen mode. You can also view data in km/mile splits based on your unit setting for the COROS app.

Edit Workouts
Tap on the top right corner to edit the workout name/distance. Editing the workout distance won’t affect the distance accumulation in the COROS system.

Share Workouts
Tap on the top right corner to share your workout details page via a full length image or a more creative Watermark image to Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Export Workouts
Tap on the top right corner to export data. You can select the data format you wish to export for this workout. GPX and FIT are popular formats with wide applications. Then select the supported apps to receive the exported file. You can use email apps to send the file to yourself and download it to your desktop.

Save Route
If the workout has a GPS track, you can also tap on the top right corner to save this route to the COROS app under “My Favorite Routes” section on the Profile page. Navigation and route import features are supported by the APEX/VERTIX models.

Click here how-to video to learn more about route import.


On this page you can view earned medals and the total mileage of your running, cycling, and swimming workouts.

3rd Party Apps
Connect your COROS account to 3rd party apps and enjoy lightning fast data integration to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health Kit and more. Previous workouts stored on your COROS account won’t sync to 3rd party apps and you will need to manually export and upload to them.

Feedback section is used for troubleshooting and data collection only. Please contact the COROS team at before submitting any feedback. Submitting feedback will grant COROS access to your past data for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.

My Favorite Routes
Routes for navigation features will be saved on this page from either a 3rd party app or a past workout from the COROS app. Swipe left on a route to delete it. You will choose a route from this list when you upload to your supported COROS watch on the “Device” page.

Additional settings are available on this page including your personal data, the profile image and other important options.

Sleep Tracking
Tap on Start and End Time to modify the setting according to your sleep cycle. Sleep data can only be recorded after 7PM on each day. Please wear the COROS watch for at least 2 hours before your sleep. If Gesture Backlight is set as Auto on your watch, gesture backlight will be disabled during the sleep hours set here.

When Calories and Exercise Time goals are met, your watch will notify you. Goals refresh on a daily basis. You can set the goals at an unrealistic level should you want to avoid the notification.

Heart Rate Zone
There are 3 different heart rate zones for you to choose from. You can decide which one better suits your training needs. Located at the top of the page, the drop down menu provides you options to select and modify Max Heart Rate Zone, Heart Rate Reserve Zone and Lactate Threshold Zone.Max Heart Rate Zone is the most straightforward one and can be applied to all users. Heart Rate Reserve Zone and Lactate Threshold Zone are usually favored among advanced athletes. Please input a correct Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and Max Heart Rate reading in the Heart Rate Reserve Zone as this will be critical to the accuracy of your fitness index. COROS currently only supports fitness index for outdoor running workouts. If you also utilize other workout modes, you may want to adjust the Lactate Threshold reading in the Lactate Threshold Zone so that you can better set up each sub zone accordingly.

You can select the unit to be displayed on the COROS app as ft/lbs or cm/kg. This setting doesn’t affect or update the unit setting on the watch.


Tap on the red plus sign to add new device. You can add up to 4 devices on the COROS app. If you need to add additional devices, please remove the existing devices first. COROS app supports all COROS watch and helmet products. Select the correct product and follow the instructions to complete the pairing process. You will need to use the phone camera to scan the QR code when pairing with a COROS watch. Alternatively, you can tap on “Pair COROS Watch Manually” and select the correct device from the list on a new page. After completing the pairing process, you will notice a new device is added to the Device page. A new firmware version might be available for download.

You can change various settings on your COROS watch from the Device page. Click on the settings below to learn more about them.

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