Pair with an ANT+ enabled accessory

COROS watches can pair with ANT+ enabled accessories from major brands. Supported accessory types include heart rate chest strap, cycling power meter, speed sensor, cadence sensor and bike trainer. Running footpod isn’t supported and COROS may include this in future development plan.

Only one accessory per type can be paired with your COROS watch during workouts. Accessories from different types can work together in one workout. For instance, paired chest strap and cycling power meter can both work in Indoor Bike mode at the same time.

Pairing Process on the COROS watch
  1. Power on and ensure the accessory is functioning properly.
  2. From the watch: main watch face > System > Accessories > Add ANT+ > select your device on the list and it will be added to the Added List.
  3. Paired accessory will only work on the watch in workout modes and not in standby mode.
  4. When you are in workout mode, wait until the special accessory icon shows up on the bottom of the watch page.
  5. Start your workout with paired accessories.

When a heart rate chest strap is paired with your COROS watch, the optical wrist-based heart rate sensor from the watch will be disabled in workout modes.

Bluetooth accessories aren’t supported by your COROS watch.

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