Set up your COROS watch

You will need a smartphone (iOS/Android) and the COROS app to set up and use your new COROS watch. Create a COROS account within the COROS app is easy and necessary to use all the functions on the watch.

iPhone 6 or later

System 5.0 or later

Available on iOS and Android platforms


Press and hold the CONFIRM button until you see the COROS logo. This normally takes about 4 seconds.

COROS watch won’t power on

2. Connect your COROS watch with your smartphone

Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone and make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Open up the COROS app and log into your COROS account. On the Device page, tap on “Add New Device” and select the correct watch model. Follow the instructions to complete the pairing process.

How to return to the QR code on the watch
Bluetooth connection issues
Change the system language on the watch

3. Update the watch firmware

If a new firmware version is available, you will notice a popup message or a red dot on the Device page. Tap on “Firmware Update” to download and update the firmware on your COROS watch. Keep your COROS watch and smartphone in Bluetooth range. Don’t close the COROS app during the update process.

No watch firmware available
Failed to complete the update

4. Choose your settings

You can change various settings on the COROS app for your COROS watch. Click to learn more about each of them.

COROS App – Custom Interface
COROS App – My Route (available on APEX/VERTIX models)
COROS App – Watch Face Setting
COROS App – Notifications
COROS App – GPS Satellite Data
Click on the watch image will bring up a new page with additional information and settings.

COROS App – Do Not Disturb Period
COROS App – Reset
COROS App – Remove
If your firmware update is interrupted, you may notice a message prompting to fix the firmware version.

This process will be similar to the firmware update.

What is a Preferred Activity Tracker/24H Daily Tracker?

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