Use your COROS watch for workouts

You are almost ready to track workouts on your COROS watch. Detailed introductions on workout modes, features and settings are listed below. Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all at once. You will master them quickly.

Workout Modes

From the main watch face, press the knob/CONFIRM button to open up a menu and select a workout mode. If the screen is locked, hold any button or scroll the knob to unlock it first.

Run, Indoor Run, Trail Run, Mountain Climb (available on VERTIX), Hike, Bike, Indoor Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water, Triathlon, Gym Cardio and GPS Cardio modes are available on COROS watches.

Each workout mode supports settings and customizations individually.

Navigation (Navi.) Settings (available on VERTIX/APEX)
You can select one route preloaded to the watch to access additional info/settings including elevation details of the route, start point direction and heading direction. This feature is not available for all workout modes.

Activity Alert
You can set workout alerts based on distance, pace, cadence, heart rate, or speed. Some alert types aren’t supported in certain workout modes.

Auto Pause
You can use this feature to pause workouts automatically when you stop or move below a certain speed. It can take up to several seconds to automatically pause or resume workouts. This feature is not available for all workout modes.

You can set the metronome at a certain pace to help train at a consistent cadence. This feature is not available for all workout modes.

Interval Training
You can set up a basic interval training plan on the watch that allows customizations on number of repeats, interval by time/distance/open, rest by time/distance/open, warm up and cool down. This feature is available for Run and Bike modes.

Aerobic Training
You can select one of the three training goals and follow the preset training program to train your aerobic performance. Maintain your heart rate in the designated heart rate zone to optimize the training result. This feature is available for Run and Indoor Run modes.

Anaerobic Training
You can select one of the three training goals and follow the preset training program to train your anaerobic performance. Maintain your heart rate in the designated heart rate zone to optimize the training result. This feature is available for Run and Indoor Run modes.

You can select up to three workout modes from Run, Bike, Open Water and Pool Swim modes.

How to change the GPS mode?
If you want to change the GPS mode for workouts, please go to System > More > GPS.
GPS+GLONASS may have higher battery consumption than GPS Normal.
UltraMax GPS mode is available for outdoor running modes. After starting any outdoor running workout, press and hold the BACK/LAP button to bring up the Toolbox menu and locate the UltraMax setting.


Starting Your Workout

After selecting a workout, your watch will start acquiring heart rate readings and GPS signals. On the bottom of the Start page, heart rate icon and GPS signal icon will keep flashing until readings are available. Please don’t start your workout until heart rate and GPS signal readings are fully acquired for the best accuracy.

Click “Start” to begin your workout. Scroll the data pages to view real time data displayed on up to 5 different pages. Learn how to easily modify data pages on the COROS app at COROS App – Custom Interface.

Press the BACK/LAP button to manually start a new lap.

Press and hold the BACK/LAP button to bring up the Toolbox menu. You can access features and settings without disrupting the current workout.

Select to access and change the current system settings.

Workout Settings
Select to access the workout settings for the current workout.

Do Not Disturb Mode
Select to switch on/off DND mode. Click Smart notifications and DND mode to learn more.

Select to set up a new alarm or manage existing alarms.

Select to open up the 3D compass with real time GPS coordinates and elevation readings.

HR Measurement
Select to take a heart rate measurement.

Select to switch on/off UltraMax GPS mode in outdoor running workout modes.

Navigation Settings
Select to choose the navigation settings, start a route to follow and view the elevation profile.

Select to view and follow the saved routes that is closest to your current location.

Select to use the stopwatch function.

Select to set up a new timer with repeatable timer feature available.

Watch Face
Select to choose different watch face and theme color options.

Altitude Performance (available on VERTIX)
Select to take your SpO2 blood oxygen measurement.

Night Mode (available on VERTIX)
Select to switch on/off the night mode which provides low brightness level always-on backlight.

Finishing Your Workout

Press the knob/CONFIRM button to pause your workout. Select Finish to complete and save your workout.

You can discard workouts that are under 1 minute.

Go to “AI Trainer” on your watch to view saved workout history and suggested recovery recommendation.

Workout deletion is not supported on COROS watches. Please go to the COROS app to delete workouts from your COROS account. Swipe left on an activity to delete that workout. There’s no recovery after deletion, even if the data is still on your watch.

Please sync your COROS watch with the COROS app when you complete a workout. If your smartphone is connected with the watch, your workout data will be automatically synced to the COROS app and pushed to 3rd party apps if linked within the COROS app. You can access your synced workout history any time you want via the COROS app.

If you don’t sync the watch with the COROS app, your workout data may be lost when the memory on the watch runs


Start Course
Start the navigation enabled workout.

Elevation Details
View the stored elevation profile of this route.

Start Point Direction
Choose the starting location of the route.

Map Direction
Choose the heading during the navigation.

Once Start Course is selected, you will enter the navigation page. The starting location and your current location is marked on the page. Head to the starting location and follow the route. If you are deviated from the route for 20 meters / 65 feet and over 10 seconds, the off route alert will kick in.

Press the knob and a small +/- sign will show up on the right hand side of the page. You can then zoom in/out using the knob. Press the BACK/LAP button to reset the scale to 100 feet or 25 meters. Press the knob again to exit the viewing mode.

You can scroll the knob to change the data pages when you are not in the viewing mode. Press the knob on any other data pages except the navigation page to pause the workout.

During this workout, press and hold the BACK/LAP button to bring up the toolbox menu. Scroll to Navi. Settings to adjust the current navigation.

Indoor Run distance calibration

COROS watches support calibration on Indoor Run workouts that recorded distance over 2 miles. Calibration range is up to + – 25% of the distance recorded by the watch.

COROS’ very own, Intelligent Stride Algorithm records your personal range of motion while running. This will build your very own stride model that will be used for indoor running or areas of weak GPS signal. Every calibration improves the algorithm to better track your next Indoor Run workout.

Indoor Run distance calibration doesn’t apply to 3rd party apps because they often use their own algorithms to recalculate the distance, pace and other data before displaying the data to you. Simply feeding the calibrated distance to 3rd party apps doesn’t work. You will need to manually adjust the distance on 3rd party apps.


Open Water tracking

COROS watches support freestyle stroke types in Open Water mode for accurate GPS tracking. Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly styles don’t have a guaranteed GPS tracking.

In order to ensure the GPS tracking accuracy, please wait until you receive a confirmation from the watch about GPS acquisition before jumping into the water. Make sure to provide substantial amount of time for the watch to stay out of water during your strokes as GPS signals can’t travel underwater.


Pool Swim tracking

COROS watches support and automatically detect 4 major stroke types in Pool Swim mode including Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. You can easily change the pool length setting on the watch to meet your need.

Distance is measured and detected when you make a turn. If you don’t use a flip turn, please make sure to include arm movements that are substantially different than stroke movements during the turn.

If your watch can’t accurately measure the distance, please try the following steps.

  1. Swim a lap with the correct pool length setting. For example, 25 meters.
  2. Change the pool length to 50 meters and finish a lap.
  3. Change the pool length back to the correct length, 25 meters, and finish a lap.
  4. This should calibrate the watch and fix the distance issue.


3D Distance

3D distance utilizes elevation gain to calibrate the distance compared to 2D distance. The best scenario for using 3D distance is when the speed and elevation gain are both high. For instance, skiing would be a great workout to apply the 3D distance. The reason COROS doesn’t use 3D distance on Hike or Run modes is because GPS data points can provide accurate measurement of the distance when the speed is low.



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